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How to configure Microsoft Outlook 2010?


How to configure Outlook Express?


How to configure Send-on-behalf-Of ?


How to prevent spam in my mailbox?


You can try to prevent spam in your mailbox in 2 ways: by being discrete with your e-mail address and by filtering your e-mails.

1. Do not leave your e-mail address everywhere. The less you hand out your e-mail address, especially on the internet, the smaller the risk of receiving spam. Only post your e-mail address on websites or forums that you trust.
2. Only reply to e-mails that are safe. Do not reply to e-mails of which the sender seems suspicious. Remove these e-mails at once!
3. Camouflage your address on your website. Replace "@" by for instance "at", use a contact form or hide your address behind an image.
4. Protect your computer. Install a firewall, anti-virus software and use filtering for your e-mails. Also, do not forget to update your software to keep it efficient. The filtering on the mail server is done for you by Sahara Net.

Author: Sahara Net - Support

I am travelling and I am unable send e-mails. What is the problem?


Someone sent me a mail, but I did not receive it. How so?


What does Mail Quota Exceeded mean?


You must check for new mail before sending mail.

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