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How to configure Microsoft Outlook 2010?


How to configure Outlook Express?


How to configure Send-on-behalf-Of ?


How to prevent spam in my mailbox?


I am travelling and I am unable send e-mails. What is the problem?


The network to which you are connected probably uses a different outgoing mail server port (SMTP server) than the one at your office. Make sure to enter the correct data in your e-mail client (ask the provider of the connected network). This is the general procedure so it may differ a bit in your particular case:

Open your e-mail client.
Click Tools or Options depending on the program.
Select "E-mail accounts".
Select an existing account and click Edit.
Enter the correct data for the outgoing mail server. Usually, changing the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) port from 25 TO 587 will solve the problem. If not, please check with your ISP.b

Author: Sahara Net - Support

Someone sent me a mail, but I did not receive it. How so?


What does Mail Quota Exceeded mean?


You must check for new mail before sending mail.

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