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How to configure Microsoft Outlook 2010?


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How to configure Send-on-behalf-Of ?


Outlook 2007: to configure Send-on-behalf-Of

Configure Outlook
1. Start Outlook
2. Go to "Tools" -> "Options"
3. Go to the tab "Delegates", press "Add
4. Select the user which should receive the Send-On-Behalf-Of rights, press "Add" -> followed by "OK
5. Select for all items the “None” permission. For Inbox, select "Author" or "Editor". Press "OK" 
6. Press "OK"
Using Send-on-behalf-of
1. Start the Outlook profile of the user which received the Send-on-behalf-of rights.
2. Start writing a new e-mail
3. On the tab "Options", press "Show From" so it becomes Orange. The "From" field will appear. Enter in the "From" field the User from whom the e-mail should be sent.

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