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How to configure Microsoft Outlook 2010?



To Connect Outlook 2010 to the mail server:
1. Click the Office button on the top left corner and go to the Office Backstage. Under Info > Account Information > Click Account Settings and Click on Add Account
2.You can add or remove an account .you can select an account and change is settings.select Email tap thin click New too add account.  On the Add New Account screen, just choose Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next
3. On the Add New Account screen, just choose Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next
4. Choose Internet E-mail, connect to POP or IMAP server to send and receive e-mail messages and click Next
5. On the Internet E- mail settimgs screen give the User information,
enter your Name,
your full email address.
Under Server information,
Account Type – IMAP, POP
Incoming mail server – example@domain.com
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) – example@domain.com
Also enter the logon information,
enter your user name in full (mailboxname@domainname)
enter the password. thin click Next.
6. Now go to Outgoing server tab and check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and choose Use same settings as my incoming mail server.
Click Ok and Finish.
The email account configuration has been completed!

Author: Sahara Net - Support

How to configure Outlook Express?


Simply follow up the steps in the attached PDF file.

Author: Sahara Net - Support
Download PDF Datasheet: outlook express.pdf (910.17 KB)
Please note you will need the free Adobe Reader™ to view this file.

How to configure Send-on-behalf-Of ?


Outlook 2007: to configure Send-on-behalf-Of

Configure Outlook
1. Start Outlook
2. Go to "Tools" -> "Options"
3. Go to the tab "Delegates", press "Add
4. Select the user which should receive the Send-On-Behalf-Of rights, press "Add" -> followed by "OK
5. Select for all items the “None” permission. For Inbox, select "Author" or "Editor". Press "OK" 
6. Press "OK"
Using Send-on-behalf-of
1. Start the Outlook profile of the user which received the Send-on-behalf-of rights.
2. Start writing a new e-mail
3. On the tab "Options", press "Show From" so it becomes Orange. The "From" field will appear. Enter in the "From" field the User from whom the e-mail should be sent.

Author: Sahara Net - Support

How to prevent spam in my mailbox?


You can try to prevent spam in your mailbox in 2 ways: by being discrete with your e-mail address and by filtering your e-mails.

1. Do not leave your e-mail address everywhere. The less you hand out your e-mail address, especially on the internet, the smaller the risk of receiving spam. Only post your e-mail address on websites or forums that you trust.
2. Only reply to e-mails that are safe. Do not reply to e-mails of which the sender seems suspicious. Remove these e-mails at once!
3. Camouflage your address on your website. Replace "@" by for instance "at", use a contact form or hide your address behind an image.
4. Protect your computer. Install a firewall, anti-virus software and use filtering for your e-mails. Also, do not forget to update your software to keep it efficient. The filtering on the mail server is done for you by Sahara Net.

Author: Sahara Net - Support

I am travelling and I am unable send e-mails. What is the problem?


The network to which you are connected probably uses a different outgoing mail server port (SMTP server) than the one at your office. Make sure to enter the correct data in your e-mail client (ask the provider of the connected network). This is the general procedure so it may differ a bit in your particular case:

Open your e-mail client.
Click Tools or Options depending on the program.
Select "E-mail accounts".
Select an existing account and click Edit.
Enter the correct data for the outgoing mail server. Usually, changing the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) port from 25 TO 587 will solve the problem. If not, please check with your ISP.b

Author: Sahara Net - Support

Someone sent me a mail, but I did not receive it. How so?


There may be different possible reasons why you cannot receive the e-mail. There are also a few tests that can help you find the problem:

Check via Webmail if your e-mails arrive on the server. Also check if you have an internet connection. If it arrives, then check the settings of your e-mail program.
Mail servers can be (temporarily) overcharged. Try sending the mail again later.
Grey listing (Method to prevent spam. Has a delaying effect if a mail is sent for the first time to an addressee who has grey listing on the mail server.can have a delaying effect.
Ask the sender if he/she did not receive an error message. Maybe there was a typing error in the e-mail address? If necessary check also the catch-all mail address (standard: info@yourdomain.be)
If the sender is sending from e.g. an internetcafé abroad, then it could be blacklisted on a spam list. Check if other people with a different hosting provider do receive e-mails.
If you had your domain name expired (by paying too late or not at all) you will no longer be able to receive mails to that domain name.

Author: Sahara Net - Support

What does Mail Quota Exceeded mean?


This means that your mailbox is full. Each mailbox has a limited size. You should remove older emails on the server so you can start receiving mails again. There is no point in removing mails in your local POP3 mail client.

A full mailbox may have various reasons:
You received very large emails and you have not yet removed them from the server.
You leave your mail on the server. This happens when you only use webmail to read your mail, or when you access the server trough IMAP or if you access the server trough POP3 but you have checked the option "leave a copy of message on the server".
Also, pay attention when you create extra folders for your large mails. Maybe your inbox is empty and yet your mailbox is full. These folders also take up space!
There is limited tolerance. If you exceed this limit, incoming mail will be blocked as long as you use too much space.

Author: Sahara Net - Support

You must check for new mail before sending mail.



550 5.7.1 Relaying denied: You must check for new mail before sending mail.

You need to configure Outlook to check for new mail before sending mail. Lowering your “check every xx minutes” time to 8 minutes or disabling Send Immediately may reduce the frequency of this error message.

This error occurs because your server uses the “pop before smtp” method for outgoing server security. When you check for new mail, your username and password is passed to the server and the authentication is valid for a period of time, usually 10 minutes. During this period you can use Send Immediately to send mail without also checking for new messages.

Outlook 2010

Go to File, Account Settings. On the Email accounts tab, double-click on the account then click More Settings. Look on the Outgoing Server tab.

Outlook 2007

In Outlook 2007, you need to go to Tools, Account Settings. On the Email accounts tab, double Click on the Account then click More Settings. Look on the Outgoing Server tab.

Outlook 2003

To check your settings in Outlook 2003, go to Tools, Email Accounts, View or change existing accounts and double-click on the account then click More Settings. Look on the Outgoing Server tab and choose the option to check for new mail before sending.


Author: Sahara Net - Support
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