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Basic Setup

3Com OfficeConnect ADSL 11g - Quick Setup Guide

This Article has been written to assist users configuring a 3Com OfficeConnect for the first time, this is the most basic of configurations to allow access to the Internet.

This router automatically detects whether to connect using ADSL or ADSL2+, there is no option to override this.



Once you have connected the device to the telephone line and your local network via an ethernet cable browse to

You will be prompted for the System Password. The default is admin, if this is your first time visiting this screen.


Once logged in to the router, click the Wizard tab to start the setup process.


You are first asked to change the router's admin password from the default of admin. This is highly recommended as default passwords can easily be found on the Internet. Once changed to something you can remember, click Next.


Entering the above values will ensure router logs always have the correct date and time.

sahara Internet uses PPPoE for it's ADSL connections. Choose this then click Next.


Username - username@speed.sahara.net.sa
Password - *********
VPI/VCI - 0 / 38
Encapsulation - VC MUX

then click Next once more.



The default LAN settings should need no changes for the majority of setups. ClickNext


On the wireless settings page choose which channel you wish to use. If you have problems with your wireless connection dropping, it may be due to interference. Try changing the channel if this happens to you. 
Then give your wireless network a name. It is recommended to change the name from the default 3Com for better security. A malicious person wanting to hack your Wireless will have an easier job if they know what router you have.


Click Next one final time to be presented with a list of the settings to be applied.

If you are happy with the information entered, click Apply. The settings are saved to memory and the router will reboot. This will typically take about 2-3 minutes to complete.
There remains one setting that needs to be entered. Please read the related article for how to set up a password for your wireless connection. 



Author: Sahara Net.







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Speed Touch v.585


TP-LINK router



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