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Microsoft Outlook is the email program included in the Microsoft Office Suite. Outlook holds email messages, contacts, a calendar and even task lists. If you are using Outlook for your email, you would be wise to back it up every six to eight weeks.





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      Click "File" and then "Import and Export." The Import and Export Wizard opens.

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      Click "Export to a file" and click "Next." Select "Personal Folder File (.pst)." A .pst file will back up everything that Outlook contains. Click "Next."

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      Click the "-" next to Personal Folders to collapse its contents. Click to check the box next to "Include subfolders" and click "Next."

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      Leave the default name in the Save Exported File As field as is or rename it anything you want. Click "Browse" to select the backup file location. You might want to save it in your Documents or on your Desktop so you can find it easily. Click "Finish."




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