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How to Install Avira Antivirus?


If you`re installing Avira Antivirus free for the first time, check this article. I will use a custom installation process and it`s definitely going to be useful for novice users. The setup process should look the same on all versions of Windows.First, you will need to download Avira Antivirus Free. If you already did this locate the setup file, it should look like in the following picture, make sure to open this file:



Wait a couple of seconds to unpack the content of the setup file and once it finishes you will hate to choose installation type. Since we want more control over what we are going to install I will choose the ``Custom`` option. Also you will have to accept the user license agreement.



Well, this window wasn`t here at previous versions. I would like to keep my browser free of third party add-ons or toolbars but I guess free doesn`t mean open-source, or at least not always. Anyway, let`s continue.

Now it`s time to choose the installation folder. Unless you have another reason, leave this as it is and move on.

Leave all these options as they are. Don`t change things here and move on with the installation.

Now it`s up to you if you need another program group, I always require only a desktop shortcut from all my programs but feel free to check the other option ( by default is checked ).

Finally, you should see the ``Welcome the Configuration Wizard`` window which as it says, it will help you with the basic configuration of the program. Press the ``Next`` button to continue.

Installation of Avira Free Antivirus is complete. Please specify the basic settings required for the reliable functioning of the product. The wizard will help you to do this. Please note that automatic updates are already pre-configured. You can modify the settings as required in the Scheduler.


We are still at the configuration section and in this window we need to configure the detection level. Make sure to check that little box with a small cube form, named ``Activate AHeAD heuristics`` and also check ``Medium detection level``. As you can see the first box sets the detection level for AHeAD ( Advanced Heuristic Analysis and Detection ) heuristics to work with. This detection level determines how accurately new viruses and malware are detected. The second box that must be checked is actually the optimum level ( by default ) recommended by the developer. You can press on the ``Next`` button to continue.

It`s time to select extended threat categories. Select the threat categories the program should scan for. By default you should see less threat categories selected, if you click on the ``Default values`` button it will modify them but I am recommending you to select all of them since it will increase your protection level, just check the ``Select all`` box. Again, press on the ``Next`` button to continue with our configuration.

Another important window from the configuration would be this one. You need to specify the start mode for this antivirus. I would recommend you to choose ``Normal start``, I am using this mode but you can also choose ``Secure start`` if you consider that you are a permanent target for viruses however this mode will reduce, better said it will extend the amount of time for your computer to become available. Press the ``Next`` button to continue.

We are almost ready. This window recommends that you now run a short system scan for viruses and other malware. The scanner will scan started programs and some system files. The scan only lasts a few seconds. I recommend you to leave this option enabled, so make sure that ``Perform short system scan after installation`` option is checked. Press one the ``Next`` button to move on.


You have configured Avira and that`s what this window does - it let you know that ``Basic product configuration has now been established``. Click on ``Finish`` to continue.

Now you should see another window with Avira Antivirus Free that is connecting to the Internet in order to update the antivirus database. Make sure that you have a connection to the Internet.


If the update was successful, it will automatically install the updates and it will start a quick scan of your computer ( don`t worry it won`t take long ).
As you can see, no infections were found on my computer after the quick scan but wait there is one more tip.
When you install Avira Antivirus Free make sure that you perform a full scan of your computer. Ignore the results of the quick scan, that`s a normal procedure that checks for ``signs`` of common infections. However you should update the antivirus and perform a full scan, here is a picture with Avira main interface - I have highlighted the place from where you need to start the full scan.
Avira Antivirus Free is an excellent software if you`re looking for a free antivirus but keep in mind that Avira Antivirus Premium is more powerful and has more features. Check the following comparison table for more info and differences between the free and paid version.


Author: Sahara Net - Support
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