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Do I need to register all three domain name extensions:.com,.sa, .net and .org?


How long will it take to register my domain name?


How to Edit DNS records?


I just registered my domain but where do I get the password to access it?






Now that you have decided to host your web site, you might be wondering what the differences are between each type of service. If you are a beginner and just starting out to build a web site, you would require shared hosting, rather than dedicated.

What is the difference between Linux and Windows shared hosting services?

There are two platforms which your web site may be hosted on. The platform that you choose does not depend on what operating system you are using to create the web site. Instead, it depends on what advanced technology your web site uses. If your web site is static and composed of HTML and graphics, then most likely, your web site may be hosted on a Linux server.

  • Linux
    • Lower hosting costs than Windows, most of the time
    • Supports PHP scripting, MySQL database, Frontpage extensions, Real Audio/Video streams
    • Linux based platform
  • Windows
    • Supports IIS, VBSCript, Windows Media, ASP scripting, MSSQL database, .NET framework
    • Windows based platform
    • Few web hosting PHP option but most don't

How do I know which package I need?

After you decide which platform your web site will be hosted in, you need to determine what specifications are required for your web site. In other words, if you were buying a car, you have just determined that you wanted a stick shift, rather than an automatic. Now it's time to work out the specs you require - do you need a 2, 5, or 7 seater? Here are the things you need to ask yourself:

What is your website for?

Is your website a graphical catalogue, where you will have many pictures of many items? Or will your website be content intensive, where it is mostly text-based? This influences the amount of disk space you need.

How many pages do you need for your web site?

Though each web page can be short or long in length, the number of pages you plan to have on your site can help determine how much disk space you need.

How many email accounts can I create?

All our hosting plans come with unlimited email accounts. You can create unlimited number of email accounts.

How much traffic [bandwidth] will I get?

This depends on two things - the size of the files that are requested and transferred from your website, and the number of visitors coming to your site. If your web site is new, then the amount of traffic is likely to be low and traffic would be a lower concern for you. On the other hand, if you expect to be drawing a high number of visitors because you have advertised the site, then you may want to select a package with a higher limit for bandwidth.

After answering these questions, you can contact Sales department for the web hosting providers. Reputable hosting providers should have a toll free number, where their sales reps will listen to your needs and recommend a package for you. To summarize, they will usually help you make a decision on the basis of the following three criteria.

  • Disk space
  • Bandwidth

What contract term should I sign up for?

Many hosts offer discounts if you pre-pay for a longer term up front when you sign up. The web hosting industry has reached a point margins are extremely low, so it is difficult to foresee hosting providers further lowering prices. Signing up for a longer term also saves time from needing to extend contracts. Therefore, if you found a reputable host, we would recommend you sign onto a longer term.


What do I get with my domain name registration?


What is my pop3 and smtp server?

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